10 Ways to Increase Team Transparency

How you can increase transparency at your company to empower both your employees and customers

“At Front, being transparent means making relevant information and context easily accessible so that everyone can be more efficient and effective … We believe that by eliminating the power that can come from being one of only a few with access to information, we reduce internal politics and strife.” — Mathilde Collin, Front Co-Founder & CEO


What does transparency really mean? Is it giving everyone access to employee salaries, and sharing your key business metrics with the public? Maybe, for some. But at Front, we have a different way of looking at it. We believe if the leaders of your business are transparent about the right things, you can empower your team to be more efficient and effective, while instilling trust and confidence within your customers so they know you have their best interest in mind. 

Watch this webinar led by Whitney Drazovich, Programs Manager at Front, to learn what we mean by creating a culture of transparency,
 why it’s important for the success of our employees and customers, and tips for how you can increase transparency for your team.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What we mean by “transparency”
  • Why transparency is important for your business
  • How we practice transparency at Front
  • Do’s and don’t’s of what to be transparent about
  • What you can do to create a culture of transparency
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